ICAS Testing

ICAS practice tests will help you get ready for the ICAS tests, as you will get used to taking tests online and you will learn new thoughts about Digital Technologies. 

Test Curriculum

An overview of the testing for this year: Framework PDF - Click here

Online Practice Tests

The latest 'Rise' test previews are available here for parents to register you: https://www.icasassessments.com/icas-preparation-tools/#rise None of these tests cover Digital Technologies yet it appears.

2018 Papers

For previous years below there are PDF papers you can print and practise with. The newest years are best!

Links here are only available to pupils from the school. 

Paper A = Year 4 NZ, B= Yr 5, C= Yr 6, D = Yr 7, E = Yr 8

Print full-size A3 or A4 for smaller. Note you can download and test yourself using tools (pencil to write on paper) in the "Preview" programme. If you are not sure of an answer, Google it or bring the paper to the workshops we will hold early in Term 3. These files are only available to email addresses registered at Medbury School.

2018 ICAS Paper A.pdf
2018 ICAS Paper B.pdf
2018 ICAS Paper C.pdf
2018 ICAS Paper D.pdf
2018 ICAS Paper E.pdf

2017 Papers

2017 ICAS Paper A .pdf
2017 ICAS Paper B.pdf
2017 ICAS Paper C.pdf
2017 ICAS Paper D.pdf
2017 ICAS Paper E.pdf

2016 Papers

2016 ICAS Paper A.pdf
2016 ICAS Paper B.pdf
2016 ICAS Paper C.pdf
2016 ICAS Paper D.pdf
2016 ICAS Paper E.pdf